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More than Esthetics: Elevate Esthetics Parlor

By Julie Burton

Esthetics are a booming industry, and it’s easy to see why. The beauty industry has the advantage of making people feel better. It’s 2020. We’re all in search of feeling better.

Brows, lashes, facials, waxing—if you can see it, there’s probably an esthetician who specializes in it. But why take on a specialty when you’re an expert in every aspect of esthetics?

Sara Rieman is a licensed esthetician and owner of Elevate Esthetics Parlor, located in the Art Deco-era Barclay building in the historic Uptown Theater District. Her brand encompasses ALL esthetics services, hence the name Elevate ESTHETICS PARLOR. Her expertise in luxury facials, body waxing, brows, lashes, and spray tans has earned her many awards, including a spot in the Top Ten Beauty Brands Estheticians Nationwide multiple consecutive years.

When asked what is her niche? Rieman says; “ Exceptional quality and service excellence, that’s my niche, and that’s why I named my business ELEVATE. My three top services are brows, brazilians and facials, but I specialize in ALL esthetics services, so I don’t really have just one that is my niche. If my client comes to me for brows, once here, she’ll soon know I also can provide them with an amazing facial service as well. I love being able to give my client everything they need without going elsewhere. Exceptional quality and service excellence with every esthetics service - that’s my niche.”

Rieman designed her space to be an elevated experience from the moment you walk in. It’s a place far from a corporate salon, where some may feel like a number. Her career path took her from a corporation where she had to set herself apart in a salon to her own oasis, where Elevate Esthetics Parlor caters to clients. The vibe feels high quality mixed with a sense of Relaxation, like a retreat. There’s a high priority on cleanliness and sanitation too. Molly Buchanan, author of the Crowning Glory blog, says, “I know some people are weirded out about getting beauty treatments right now. Everything was super clean and it still felt like a spa experience. It was like nothing else can go wrong in my life.” Buchanan adds, “I did a skin consultation, which I’ve never seen an esthetician offer. I filled out a questionnaire and talked about my skin with her. It was so cool to nerd out about skin, because I didn’t know anything about it.” Rieman is one of the few estheticians to offer a one-hour skin consultation. It’s how Rieman can get to know you. She wants to know what products you use and what you deem important. Above all, Rieman wants to educate you on your skin and products and ingredients that will work well for you.

Rieman carries the Circadia professional product line, a family-owned company out of Pennsylvania. “Once I discovered that line, it was game over. It blows all the other lines out of the water. My clients see real results,” she says.

Amazing luxurious products go hand-in-hand with a relaxing experience. Her signature facial is called Elevation: A Meditation Facial Treatment, and features guided meditations created by two area meditation experts, specifically for Elevates’ Meditation Facial. This zen facial will put you in the moment and allow you to be more mindful before, during, and after

the facial. When asked how she created this idea for a facial, Rieman says “When you’re about to open a business for the first time, all you do is live, eat and breathe creative business ideas. During that time, while attending a meditation class and it occurred to me that a healthy mind creates healthy skin. Meditation and facials are the perfect combination,” Rieman says.

When asked for her favorite beauty secrets? She says, “if you feed your soul, your beauty shines through. Prioritize self-care rituals like facials, massages, meditation, and exercise. Go explore Kansas City! I adore this city! My husband and I try to support local business whenever we can. I will always support local. And I will always support women and small businesses.”

And that’s what 2020 needs a little more of—a place to elevate mindfulness, beauty, and relaxation.




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