“At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, my mission is to provide you with an elevated experience...

where every service is the BEST service I can offer.”

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Exceptional, Award-Winning Hair Removal for Face and Body. READ MORE

Got hair in all the wrong places? Voted #1 in Kansas City for hair removal by Pitch magazine, I specialize in brow, body and Brazilian waxes utilizing the award-winning Nufree product line.

*READ precautions to waxing

*See a complete menu of hair removal services


"Sara is absolutely fantastic! She has been waxing my eyebrows for about 2 years now, and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She not only does a great job, but works with me and gives me tips on what to do in between visits. I receive so many compliments on my brows -- it is truly thanks to her!"

— Sarah L.


This session is for existing clients, revolving brow MAINTENANCE and perfection. 


New client? In your first ELEVATE brow session, we'll learn together how your current brows line up with your facial structure, and make a plan for your future brows. 


An in-depth ELEVATE education session for EXISTING clients... Using your own natural mathematical ratios in concert with your natural growth patterns. Together, we will map, design, & LEARN! Session includes a reshaping (wax or tweeze) and you'll learn how to fill in your own brows! This appointment will transform your brows and more importantly - give YOU capable confidence!

BROWS + 1 FACE AREA :: DUO :: $39

*For existing clients, revolving brow maintenance plus 1 other face area.

*New clients book each area a'la carte.

BIKINI :: $42+ 

Bikini area, classic, cut in once, twice... *client determines design.

*price proportionate to amount removed

BRAZILIAN :: NEW CLIENT INTRO OFFER :: $59  (normally a $79 service!!)

New client PROMO PRICE!!

Entire area, front to back. Modifications allowed. Includes lots of encouragement, education & support! 

*(female anatomy only as we are not trained in male intimate anatomy)


For EXISTING CLIENTS. Entire area front to back. Modifications allowed. Consistency pays off with DIMINISHING smooth results!!

*Book this if it’s been 3-5 wks since last Brazilian at Elevate.

*(female anatomy only as we are not trained in male intimate anatomy)


For existing clients. Entire area front to back. Modifications allowed, smooth results.

Book this if it’s been 6 wks or longer.

*(female anatomy only as we are not trained in male intimate anatomy)


Dealing with underarm hair is the PITS!! 

BACK :: $48+

Entire back area down to the waistline and blended into shoulder area. 

*See complete menu of hair removal services



Customized, Expert Spray Tanning  A gorgeous bronze color, customized to your skin tone, expertly airbrushed.

Sunkissed is in! Weird orange-colored skin? Definitely not! I customize state-of-the-art tanning solution according to what matches your skin tone. Using naturally-derived, organic ingredients, my spray tan solution delivers a gorgeous, expertly airbrushed bronze color that will have people wondering if you just returned from the beach. READ MORE

*See complete menu of Spray Tan services

SPRAY TAN* :: $39

Gorgeous custom tan, organic solution, airbrushed with expertise! 

*must read the before and after rules to ensure a beautiful experience


Rushed? This is what you chose if you are on a time crunch or simply don't want to wait the standard processing time. Gorgeous custom tan, organic solution, airbrushed with expertise!

*must read the before and after rules to ensure a beautiful experience

*See complete menu of Spray Tan services


"Elevate Esthetics is a lovely, female owned and run business that I am proud to support. Sara is great at what she does and her new business reflects the pride she takes in her work. The space is clean, beautiful and calming. The Midtown location is convenient and offers plenty of parking. And Sara, as always, is professional and incredibly talented. 5 Stars!"

— Blair V.
Sara and Amara tweezing left brow


Professional Lash & Brow Artistry Brows and lashes - the perfect shape, the perfect shade, with the perfect curl.

Whether you want to clean up your brows or need a brow or lash rescue, I can help. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll elevate your look with gorgeous, professionally shaped and shaded brows and perfectly curled and tinted lashes. READ MORE

*See a complete menu of tinting/lifting services

*BROW TINT :: $24

Perfect, precise custom color and shape.

*Tint lasts for 3-4 weeks on average, less on oily skin types.

*LASH TINT :: $30

Rich, dark, mascara-free lashes for weeks!

*Tint lasts on lashes for 2-4 weeks on average

*Sensitive option available

TINT DUO :: BROW & LASH :: $54

Best of both worlds! Brow AND Lash Tint! WOWZA!

*HENNA BROWS :: $49+

Henna brow color lasts MUCH longer than tint. Color will last *7-14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the brow hair! You will be HENNA BROW OBSESSED!

*Oily skin retains color less than average

LASH LIFT :: $76

Gorgeous curled lashes that last for the life of the lash!


FINALLY! Your brows will be FULL, LIFTED and laying in the direction they should!!


*See a complete menu of tinting/lifting services


Elevate Esthetics Parlor


Advanced, Luxurious Skincare Blending science and nature, results-driven skin treatments with a luxurious experience.

Glowing, youthful skin is yours when you treat yourself to one of our transformative facials, chemical peels or dermaplaning services. You’ll leave with skin that looks and feels refreshed, smooth and absolutely radiant.


*See complete menu of Skincare services


"Sara was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad she was. Every treatment is customized and Sara has helped me learn how to best care for my skin between treatments. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

— Emily S.


In depth skin consultation with a comprehensive action plan! Please come prepared with knowledge about your health, prescriptions, home care and life habits.

*value paid will be applied to facial treatment service within 4 wks or redeem following the consult - towards a trial starter kit... it's the perfect way to PRE-TREAT (get your skin healthy) your skin prior to your facial! 



30, 60 or 80 min :: $81 / 112 / 147

Not sure what facial to book? Book your time choice and we'll decide together when you arrive - what is best! This facial is results-driven, includes customized cleanse, exfoliation and infusions. Amazing & magical... all the good things, plus more, because you deserve it! Chose the 'Express' if you are working within a budget or time constraint. The 'Signature' for that "just right" amount of everything.  Or.... the 'Luxury'... the most popular treatment here at Elevate because everything in this treatment is perfect and ELEVATED... pure LUXURY. 



60 or 80 min :: $141/157

Brighten-Firm-Hydrate! This treatment has three exfoliations, yes... THREE... but because of the gentle delivery, and the expert MIXOLOGIST (yours truly) you'll only see glowing and calm skin in the end. It's the sneaky, side-door way of getting in a TRIPLE exfoliation! Includes enzyme, then a top shelf chemical (gel-peel) exfoliation! Then yet another Caviar Lime enzyme exfoliation mixed into the HYDRATION Marshmallow Mask! WOW! Glowing results! Client's FAVORTITE FACIAL!! 

*not for a first time facial client



60 or 80 min :: $141/157

Custom double treatment with glowing enzyme exfoliation, followed by a calming/healing/luminous oxygen treatment! TWO TREATMENTS IN ONE facial?!! Then after all that - an intense ingredient serum infusion and luxurious mask! This is a super-LOADED Facial!!



60 or 80 min :: $142/ 171

Embodying the idea that a healthy mind creates healthy skin. This holistic treatment will elevate your skin and your mind. Guided meditation will quiet your thoughts and allow you to be mindful with your intentions. Chakra balancing(80 min facial only) will ensure your energy is flowing freely without resistance. Included elevations; custom exfoliation and skin treatment, serum infusion and masking, hot/cold stone therapy, gua sha, manual lymphatic drainage, healing crystals, chakra energy balancing, dry brushing, acupressure, and essential oil aromatherapy.

*Like the idea of the just the Meditation, but want it with another facial? Just book the Meditation Add On Upgrade online with your favorite facial! 


Eliminates redness, calms rosacea, treats acne and sun damage! Repairs and heals!! Includes cold stone therapy! Results are immediate, luminous and beautiful! *This treatment would really be amplified with the LED light therapy upgrade. Book it with this facial!


Got very sensitive, sensitized or rosacea skin? This treatment calms, quiets and soothes...Repairs and heals. Using the renowned sensitive skin HALE and HUSH line to treat the temporarily or seriously sensitive skin. The most heavenly cold stone therapy is included.



80 min :: $147

Firming and tightening treatment complete with peptides, antioxidants and dermal regeneration resulting in collagen and elastin cell renewal! Deep luxurious lifting facial massages that will relax you to your core. Try this before a big event and show up looking 20 years younger! *Consider upgrading with a Chemical Exfoliation Acid Peel upgrade! Ask me when you arrive!


Skin remains hydrated/wet while the diamond-tip bio-brasion device gently and effectively manually exfoliates & suctions your skin PREPPING it for incredible ingredient hydration! Includes serum infusion! *Pairs well with any enzyme or chemical exfoliation acid peel, ask me when you arrive!



Custom exfoliation/hydration. Celluma light therapy to rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria & visual signs of aging. Featuring high frequency for the skin, scalp and/or a follicle-nourishing beard treatment. 1 hr of bliss! *Got sore muscles? When you arrive, ask me to upgrade you with the CBD MASSAGE treatment!



30 or 60 min :: $91 / 121

Blade physical exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and has an indirect benefit of eliminating that fuzzy-wuzzy peach fuzz! Preps the skin for deep chemical exfoliation (optional upgrade) and intense serum ingredient infusion! Smooth results with hydration and serum infusion! *Do you want to maximize results? When you arrive, ask for the Gommage Enzyme or better yet - a Chemical Exfoliation Acid Peel upgrade! **Plus additional Dermaplaning/Oxygen combination facials to chose from!


*Velveteen Kitty Vajacial :: Bikini area treatment

30 min. :: $76

The Velveteen Kitty is designed to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the intimate area, as well as the upper thighs from ingrown hairs. Featuring an exfoliating enzyme & an  anti-inflammatory Green Tea and Marshmallow Mask to detox, hydrate and calm. This treatment exfoliates dead skin, cleans out pores, and kills bacteria — all while reintroducing moisture back into the skin. *extractions included if needed *(female anatomy only as we are not trained in male intimate anatomy)


UPGRADE OPTIONS :: $10 - 30+ range

So many options to chose for upgrading or ELEVATING your service! Some upgrades can be booked by you because they add extra time, but most can be chosen at the time of service... I will offer you the opportunity to ELEVATE your service when you arrive! Book the LED light therapy to double your results! Increase your exfoliation glow with a chemical peel (not for first time)! Chose a hand/foot or lip/eye to pamper those areas that always get neglected! Or maybe enhance your treatment with a CBD massage! Or upgrade your favorite facial with Meditation! Some upgrades are zero-cost! For example; the cold stone therapy after the Oxygen Treatment or that amazing acupressure facial massage, just to name a couple!

*See complete menu of Skincare services