To any LICENSED ESTHETICIANS OR COSMETOLOGISTS who live in the Kansas City area or can travel to Kansas City Missouri, I have the pleasure of teaching Esthetics for Elevate Esthetics TRAINING and Eyelash Extensions/lifting for Lash Savvy.

Please consider training with Elevate Esthetics TRAINING!


I've been training for Lash Savvy since 2015 because I genuinely believe in their philosophy of taking the best care of the natural lash! Focus is on quality and the health of the clients lashes, not over-weighing the lash, building and maintaining your reputation as a quality reputable lash artist. I try to keep the class sizes small so you, the student, can have more one on one time.

Another point of difference... I will give you mentor-ship and guidance post class time... You can send me pics, voice frustrations, challenges, questions, and I will lend you my best feedback and of course give you virtual hugs and high-fives and as you progress!

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Tuition: $995 - Professional
Kit is included


**Class must be purchased before your spot is claimed. Class must be purchased at least 1 week prior to class, so materials can be shipped and arrangements made.

Lash Savvy's training program is an invaluable professional tool in growing your clientele. Lash Savvy's superior training ensures that licensed professionals receive practical instruction intended to increase lash extension wear-time and longevity, while maintaining the health of the natural lash. Lash Savvy has addressed the hardest challenge of lash extension training, which is proper isolation and separation of the eyelashes. Lash Savvy offers and teaches techniques and tips that can not only reduce lash application time, but ensures comfortable eyelash extensions for your clients. In addition, Lash Savvy's training program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the application process, safety, sanitation, adhesive knowledge and advanced techniques that are known to enhance the bond in the application process. Lash Savvy products are the most current and finest quality available on the market. Lash Savvy offers eyelash application products and tools, retail products and assorted marketing materials to help you grow your business.

- Classic Class Itinerary -

8:45 Arrive early and *prepared

9:00-9:30 Introduction

9:30-10:30 Mannequin Practice

10:30-1:00 *First Model *(provided by student)

1:00-1:30 *LUNCH *(we will order a light lunch - bring $, or student can bring a lunch)

1:30-4:00 *Second Model *(provided by student)

4:00-4:15 Demonstration - How to perform a REMOVAL

4:15-5:00 Questions, Review, Certification

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Lash Savvy’s training program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the application process, safety, sanitation, adhesive knowledge and advanced techniques that are known to enhance the bond in the application process.

     1.  Understanding Lash Savvy products and how they work. Including allergic reactions and irritations caused by cyanoacrylate use
     2. Proper application of Lash Savvy products to maintain proper lash health.

*METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: Lash Savvy’s Theory portion of the Classic Beginner’s course is done online.  Please complete the theory lectures before arriving at your scheduled class. This needs to be completed with a passing grade to receive your certification. There will be a Q&A with your instructor the day of your class, so please make sure you write down any questions that you have about the information in the online lectures.

Instructions for the online THEORY portion of your Classic Beginner Eyelash Training.

Please visit

Your login is: the email you used to register.

Your password is provided in your email.

Once you login, click on the MY COURSES tab in the right upper corner. This will bring you to the Classic Theory Lectures. Some of the lectures have a quiz after the lecture. Please take the quizzes. After you complete the Theory Lectures, your trainer will be notified of your grade. If you fail any portion you can retake the portion that you didn’t pass as many times as needed. Our main objective is that you understand the “theory” behind the practical application of doing lashes as it is really important to understand both aspects to be the best lash tech possible.

Please let us know if you have any question: 877-642-1942



* Lecture and Q&A
* Eyelash Anatomy
* Eyelash Disorders
* Three Phases of Eyelash Growth
* Safety and Sanitation
* Eyelash Extension Curls & Lengths
* Determining Lash Curl, Length and Design
* Working Position and Prep
* Allergic Reactions vs. Irritations
* Our Products
* Common Reason Lashes Fall Off
* Aftercare & Marketing
* Client Expectations

* Record Keeping & Insurance
* Isolating on Strip Lashes
* Marketing and Retail
* Practical On live model  
* Cleansing of the Natual Eyelashes
* Eye Pad Application & Taping
* Application Set –Up
* Isolating the Natural Lash 
* Use of Adhesive in Adhesive Ring
* Application of Eyelash Extensions
* Curing Adhesives
* Removal of Eyelash Extensions

The application of individual eyelash extensions is a very intricate procedure. There are three physical qualifications that you need to consider before signing up for a class. Understanding that these physical qualifications are important and necessary to be able to complete the training required to earn your eyelash extension certificate.

EYESIGHT- Is your vision (farsightedness or nearsightedness) correctable with glasses or mags? Do you have depth perception problems? Wearing glasses or mags will not compensate for depth perception issues. We highly recommend that you have your vision checked for acuity and depth perception prior to taking a class. Vision problems can be problematic when applying eyelash extensions. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to one human eyelash and cannot touch another lash. You will be required to single out and isolate one human lash and see clearly if there is anything surrounding that lash.

SPATIAL ABILITY- Can you interpret and visualize the spatial relationship of one object to another? Applying eyelash extensions requires you to be able to understand and visualize the different angles that you can pick up and apply the eyelash extensions at in order to correctly attach the extensions.

STEADY HANDS & DEXTERITY- You need to have extremely steady hands. You will be working around the eye with very sharp tweezers. Both hands will be needed, and you will be required to use your non dominant hand to isolate the natural lashes. You will be required to use your dominant hand to place one single lash extension perfectly on one natural human lash.

Lash Savvy's training will teach you everything you need to know about the application process. We focus on the theory behind the application, and the application process. We offer support after you train with us. Our goal is to make you one of the best eyelash extension stylist in the field. We not only want your extensions to look good, but to be technically correct and comfortable for the client. Safety is our number one priority as well as maintaining the health of your client's lashes.

You must be a patient person and have the willingness to make time to practice. If you don't have a place to practice or have a manager that will push you to take paying clients before your application is acceptable you may want to give us a call first before signing up for our class. Visualizing what is appropriate and flattering to the clients eyes is something Lash Savvy prides itself on in training. Most importantly our goal is for all candidates to want their application to be technically sound before venturing out in the field.

Your course will be taught by an advanced master Lash Artist that has been trained by the best in the industry. Not only do they have the training behind them, all have worked in the industry for numerous years. They implement real life work experiences in the lash industry to their class instruction. Class sizes are kept small, typically four students to one teacher, to ensure every student gains valuable one on one time with the teacher each session. With hands on training and a lot of one to one attention.

Professional Kit contains:

  • Adhesive
  • 100ct Oval Adhesive Rings
  • 1-  Curved SS Isolating Tweezer
  • 1- LS 7sp
  • 1- Straight Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Gel Remover
  • Foaming Makeup Remover
  • 10ct Ultra Thins
  • 10ct Gel Pads
  • Primer
  • Nano Mister
  • Flat C-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm-15mm
  • Flat CC-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm-15mm
  • C-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm -15mm
  • CC-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm -15mm
  • USB Fan
  • Tape
  • 50 Flocked Applicators
  • 200ct Micro Brushes - Pink
  • 50 ct Pink Mascara Wands
  • 10 Carbon Filtered Masks
  • 25 Aftercare Cards



2 Hours of Theory / 4 Hours of Practical Classroom

Tuition: $775 - Professional Kit is included

Prerequisite - Classic Certification & at least 6 months experience in applying individual extensions

The latest technique of the ongoing eyelash extension phenomenon has arrived in the United States. Volume Lash Extensions promises to pump up the volume and the glam-factor of eyelashes everywhere. Volume Lash Extensions are the latest development in eyelash technology sweeping across the globe and game changer in the beauty world. With traditional lash extensions we could only safely attach one eyelash extension to each of your single natural lashes. This can be very disappointing if you have few natural lashes yet desire a fuller look. Lash Savvy's Volume Lashes are designed to provide clients with the increased volume they are demanding, but in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes. We can increase the number of eyelash extensions up to six times the natural lashes.

Volume lashes are superfine and incredibly lightweight and 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash. By applying 2-6 of our finest lashes on each natural lash, artists are able to create sets of 200-700 lashes per eye. The lack of weight in the extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes and with proper care can actually last longer than classic extensions.

Professional Kit contains:

  • 1 pair of Volume Dumont 7SP Tweezer
  • 1 tray of CC-Curl 0.07 Mixed Tray
  • 1 10g bottle of Volume Adhesive
  • 1 pack of Double Sided Foam Tape

Volume Class Info

• Sanitation
• Client Preparation including cleansing, priming and gel pad application
• Lash Savvy’s Multi-lashing Theory with Silky Minks Volume Lashes
• How to use our L/45 tweezers to pick up (2D-4D) volume fans with (0.10, 0.07 diameters)
• How to choose appropriate fullness and diameters
• How to ensure clients lash health remains optimal at every fill appointment
• How to determine fan spacing
• How to dip volume fans in Lash Savvy adhesive to keep them open
• Isolation
• Different attachment techniques for difficult lashes
• How adhesives work and lash adhesive myths

• Theory on nano misters - no more waiting 24 hours to get lashes wet
• How to do fill appointments
• How to remove fans or a full set with Lash Savvy Gel Remover
• Mixing our Silky Minks curl-types
• Volume lashing vs damaging Y/W lashes and flares/tabs/semis
• Layer lifting
• Correcting gaps in the lash line with our .07 and .10 Silky Minks
• Basic corrections and eyelash design
• Determining eye types & eye design
• Volume lashing vs Classic lashing

VOLUME Hourly Schedule for the day;

Theory: 9:00 -11:00
Mannequin work: 11 :00 -12:00
Lunch: 12:00 - 12:30
Work on live *model: 12:30 - 4:00 *(student provides model)


Lash Lifting [PLUS FREE BROW LAMINATION!] Training 1 day

9am - 2 pm 

1 hour Theory & demo + 4 Hours of Practical Hands-on

Tuition: $585.00

Training cost includes the Lash Savvy Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit; 7-10 lash lifts or 5-8 brow laminations depending on how much product is used for each client. 




New Innovation: Airless pump helps you save your lotion. Once opened, it can stay fresh for 90 days due to the unique bottle design that stops air from entering and oxidation.

Professional lash lift: The formula enhances the quality of natural lashes and lifts them into a graceful curve. Detailed instructions and tools included.

Fast 5-8 minutes lash lifts 

Economical: Dispenses the perfect amount of lotion for every client. Mini package design makes the storage easier. Safe ingredients- suitable professional use. Water-based material, and soft silicone pads make it easy to apply and remove, especially good for training or Lash lifts in salons or spas.

Expires: 1 year unopened. 90 days after opening. Store in cool dry place. May be refrigerated.


  • Perming Solution
  • Fixing Solution
  • Nourish/Keratin Conditioner
  • Perm Glue
  • 10 Eye Pads
  • 10 Perm Picks
  • 10 Micro Applicators
  • S,M,L Perm Pads
  • Y-tools

I will teach you everything you need to know about Lifting and Lamination to effectively to curl, set and condition natural lashes and lift brows to their ultimate fullness!

What to expect:

  • Class is 5 hours
  • You will perform services on two live models that you obtain
  • Learn about lift/lamination ingredients and how they work
  • Learn about neutralizers and how they work
  • Choosing the proper perm products for your client
  • Proper rod sizes to use
  • What to do in the case of an undesirable result
  • Tinting after Lifting and Lamination
  • Lash & Brow rehab

If you need more info just call or text me directly at: 816-945-2889

Sara Email:

Customer Service for Lash Savvy: 877-642-1942





**In accordance with STATE OF MISSOURI

Chapter 329 Definitions;

(a) "Class CH - Hairdresser" includes arranging, dressing, curling, singeing, waving, permanent waving,
cleansing, cutting, bleaching, tinting, coloring or similar work upon the hair of any person by any means; or removing superfluous hair from the body of any person by means other than electricity, or any other means of arching
or tinting eyebrows or tinting eyelashes. Class CH - hairdresser also includes any person who either with the person's hands or with mechanical or electrical apparatuses or appliances, or by the use of cosmetic preparations,
antiseptics, tonics, lotions or creams engages for compensation in any one or any combination of the following:
massaging, cleaning, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying or similar work upon the scalp, face, neck,
arms or bust


(d) "Class E - Estheticians" includes the use of mechanical, electrical apparatuses or appliances, or by the
use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions or creams, not to exceed ten percent phenol, engages for
compensation, either directly or indirectly, in any one, or any combination, of the following practices: massaging,
cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying or similar work upon the scalp, face, neck, ears, arms,
hands, bust, torso, legs or feet and removing superfluous hair by means other than electric needle or any other
means of arching or tinting eyebrows or tinting eyelashes, of any person