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What is Esthetics? What is an Esthetician and why should I visit one?

Esthetics (or aesthetics as it is sometimes spelled) is rooted in the branch of philosophy that is directly related to the relationship between the senses and matters of beauty, art, and taste. However, in the beauty industry, esthetics refers directly to the health and beautification of the skin.

Esthetics, in more technical terms, refers to the application of various techniques to the epidermal layer of the human body. The practice of esthetics covers a wide array of techniques that may include (but certainly is not limited to) steaming, waxing, extraction, chemical peels, and pore cleansing.

A professional, licensed Esthetician is a skincare therapist, specially trained in helping clients achieve healthy, youthful skin through noninvasive, cosmetic skin treatments like facials, chemical peels, body treatments and waxing.

An Esthetician is not a medical practitioner and will not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications, procedures or therapies that require a medical license.

Because Estheticians are focused on healthy skincare, if they notice an early sign of a medical condition on your skin, they may refer you to a dermatologist.

An Esthetician can help you achieve a healthier, more radiant complexion by providing treatments and products that help protect your skin from day-to-day environmental hazards.

An Esthetician offers rejuvenating, skin-brightening solutions and helps clients manage conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and dry skin.

Common skincare treatments include facials, body treatments, hair removal or waxing, and spray tans.

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Elevate Esthetics Parlor

What makes Elevate Esthetics Parlor special?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I make it my mission to provide you with skilled skincare expertise, state-of-the-art products and the finest in client service in a relaxing uptown retreat. I am laser-focused on providing each and every one of my clients with an elevated, personable experience—with every service being the BEST service I can offer.

Where are you located?

Elevate Esthetics Parlor is located at 3619 Broadway Blvd., Suite 10 in Kansas City, MO, on the second floor of the gorgeous Art Deco-era Barclay building in the historic Uptown Theater District.

Do you accept walk-ins or should I book an appointment in advance?

Elevate Esthetics Parlor services are available by appointment only.

Will I receive a confirmation notification? 

Yes, you should receive an appointment confirmation email and text. If you do not get one, please call us at 816.945.2889

What is the CODE to enter the building?

In your email and text communication, you will receive an access code to enter the building. If you do not see it, please call us at 816.945.2889.

Is parking readily available?

Yes! Parking is plentiful, easy and FREE along the side and back of the building.

Is Elevate Esthetics Parlor Handicapped Accessible?

We are located beyond a staircase on the second floor of an older building so unfortunately, we are not handicap accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How can I change my appointment?

The confirmation text and email you receive after booking your appointment will contain a link that offers access to your past, current and future appointments. Please follow that link to cancel the appointment time you don't want, and then you'll be prompted to RE-BOOK a new appointment.

Why do I need to show up early for my first appointment?

New clients should arrive 15 minutes early for their initial appointment to complete necessary paperwork. This process not only educates us about your needs, but also helps ensure that you are kept safe and informed and that we are in compliance with the legal and safety precautions of Elevate Esthetics Parlor.

What is your service cancellation/no-show policy?

At Elevate - BEFORE you can even book, you'll be required to first - agree to this policy, and second - register your credit card.  In other words, by booking you agree to the following fine print of the cancellation, no-show and credit card policy; PLEASE READ —->

  • Elevate Esthetics Parlor requires that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice if you cannot come at your appointment time. Appointments can be managed online easily before the 24 hour mark, by YOU. If 24 hours notice is not given, and under 24 hours, you call, voicemail or text to let us know via 816-945-2889, a 50% late fee may still be taken.
  • Furthermore, missed appointments or no-call/no-shows will result in a charge in the full 100% amount of the service amount booked. To reiterate, you will automatically be charged 100% of your service total on a no-show regardless if you rebook or not.
  • If the card on file is unable to process the fee, the card will be tried until the amount clears. If the amount never clears, and arrangements for payment is not made on the clients behalf, the client will be unable to book in the future.
  • Furthermore if you are at least 10 min late for any appointment, this could be considered a “missed appointment”. Cancellations, missed appointments and no-shows leave gaps in the schedule that cannot be filled without timely notice. Promptly notifying us enables us to schedule another client and, in turn, maintains a higher availability of services for you as well as others.
  • If you no-show on a promo or intro service, you forfeit that lower promotion price.
  • Due to scheduling commitments to other clients schedules, we hope you understand and have a mutual respect for the need of these policies.
  • Lastly, the credit card company that is used by this business charges a 2.5% fee on every transaction for the convenience of using your card. This fee applies to the cancellation and no-show fee and all card transactions.
I hope you understand the need for these policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

What fees are associated with the convenience of using my credit card?

Our processor; Gloss Genius - processes all cards with the same simple, standard rates. There are no key-in fees or per swipe fees. Just a simple, flat percentage of 2.5% convenience fee on the total.

Why should you trust Gloss Genius for your payment processing needs?

  • They are trusted by businesses all over the nation & process hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
  • They are certified to PCI Service Provider Level (this is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry).
  • All payment information is encrypted immediately on the phone and only transmitted over SSL security.
  • They use the same payment processor (one of the world's largest) trusted by big brands like Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, Target, Yelp, Pinterest and other large brands.

What other forms of tender do you accept?

  • CASH

Are GIFT CARDS available for online purchase?


Your Gift Card Credit will be kept on file online with Elevate, or... you can schedule a GIFT CARD pick up if you desire to purchase in person and have a physical card to gift to another, or arrangements can be made to mail the physical gift card where you specify.

What are your terms of service and retail purchase policies?


You acknowledge with every purchase that you assume full responsibility for deciding if you are a good candidate for the use of any product or device sold here. No information on this website should be considered  medical advice. If you have a medical condition, or think you may have one, please consult your healthcare provider before making a skincare product or skincare device purchase. The content of this website, such as graphics, images, text, and all other materials, is provided for reference, educational, and informational purposes only. The content is not meant to be complete or exhaustive or to be applicable to any specific individual’s medical condition. Information here is not intended to be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified healthcare provider’s judgment.

Service and Product pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

REFUND | RETURNS | EXCHANGES - No refund is offered on the sale of skincare products.

If unsatisfied with your choice…Products may only be brought back within 14 days & exchanged for equal value in product or a credit towards product. In the case of a defective state, i.e., broken, leaked, or not dispensing properly, proof of said defect in picture, video MUST be presented via email ( or in person to Elevate Esthetics Parlor within 24 hours of receipt and before any partial refund or exchange is negotiated. Seller will process refunds or exchanges or evaluate any said defective state within 48 hours upon receipt of returned product, and refund (less shipping or other fees) will be processed to the same exact form of payment Buyer used to make the purchase.

Artist goods - goods are sold "as is" and sales are final, no returns or exchanges.


Seller does not guarantee results on skincare products, services or devices. All statements on this website are for general knowledge of product specifications, use, contradictions (if any), and ingredients to the best of our knowledge, and in no way should be considered as a guarantee or medical advice.

You assume full responsibility for using the information on this site, and you understand and agree that Elevate Esthetics Parlor and its affiliates, including any employees or contractors, are not responsible, or liable, for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from its use by you or any user.

The testimonials on this website are genuine but they are individual users’ experience and in no way indicates a guarantee of the same result for anyone else. Due to the numerous factors involved in skincare such as diet, exercise, hydration or lack thereof, in conjunction with medications, products currently being used, and potential for improper use of any product or device, we simply cannot – and do not – guarantee your results.

For assistance phone 816-945-2889 Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time. Our business is closed Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, and for all major US holidays. Send emails to;


What is Elevate doing to follow COVID-19 precautions?

Coronavirus/Covid-19 protocols

Things to expect for each visit to Elevate Esthetics Parlor until further notice;

Before your visit -

🔻Notify me to cancel 816-945-2889 (call or text) before your appointment if you’re feeling sick, running a temp, or have been around anyone who is showing any signs of being sick, headaches, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, cough or shortness of breath.  I will have more flexibility for the “under 24 hrs - late cancel fee” for these situations.

🔻Wear your personal mask into the building if the CDC has a mask mandate in place.

Things I’ll require upon your arrival -

for each visit to Elevate Esthetics Parlor until further notice;

▪️Kindly wash your hands in the restroom.

▪️You may be required to wear your mask, or use a disposable mask that I can provide if you forgot your mask or if your mask does not fit properly. The door will display the current policy or you can contact Elevate to inquire.

▪️Hand Sanitizer will be readily available.

▪️If the client is receiving a facial or lower face waxing, the client may temporarily remove their mask for that service.

▪️Your belongings; purse, cell phone, jewelry, any clothing, shoes etc, will be placed at a designated area inside the treatment room. This area is disinfected between each client appointment.

▪️Point of sale can be 100% touch-less at the client request. Otherwise, you may touch the screen if you chose - after using hand sanitizer. Either way, point of sale is 100% disinfected between each client appointment.

Rest assured - I vow to let you know if I need to cancel due to sickness or if I knowingly have contact with anyone sick. Additional time has been added to each appointment for disinfection & safety protocols before your arrival, during your visit and after your exit.



Skincare and Treatments

Elevate Esthetics Parlor Skincare

What brand of skincare products do you use?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I use Circadia, a dermatology-tested skincare line founded by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, a well-respected physician specializing in the science of skin and aging.  

Why do you recommend this brand?

Delivering luxurious, professional skincare is the cornerstone of Elevate Esthetics Parlor. I've spent years researching potential skincare lines and watching the industry closely. I found that Circadia, a family-owned business led by Dr. Pugliese’s grandson Michael, LE, strives to formulate its products with the highest integrity, purity and excellence in ingredient technology. Furthermore, Michael is considered one the TOP Esthetics educators in the skin care industry. 

Estheticians love Circadia because the company goes to great lengths to create performance-based products formulated with effective ingredients that treat the skin in a safe and gentle manner.

Furthermore, even though this line is rapidly growing because of its proven results, I continue to experience the highest level of customer care and professionalism whenever I interact with them.

Can I afford the home care products?

Yes, and considering Circadia products are dermatology-tested and made with high-quality ingredients in the highest percentage that feel amazing on the skin, you might expect the products to cost a fortune.

In fact, Circadia products are reasonably and affordably priced. The retail line is comprehensive, but not overwhelming. Circadia focuses only on creating results-oriented products streamlined to address a variety of skin concerns and nothing more. Their concentrated products are comprised of effective ingredients only — no fluff or unnecessary ingredients that drive up prices and only serve to dilute the effect.

Elevate Esthetics Parlor Facials

What type of facials do you offer?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I offer many advanced skin treatments and whether you receive the 30 min "Original" Express facial, the Dermaplane Esssential facial or the Oxygen facial... they will all feel like a LUXURIOUS facial. But instead of just fluff, you get real results and relaxing transformation. Every product customization, together with every soothing movement is with purpose and intent and you will leave knowing that you are on the right path for you and your skin.


MicroDerm - How does it work?

Unique, interchangeable tips are slowly passed across the skin’s surface up to three times to painlessly lift off the outermost dry, damaged layers of the skin, revealing the healthy layers of the skin beneath.

What are the benefits?

The microderm facial is safe for any skin type, including sensitive complexions. It delivers immediate results with noticeable improvements to the skin’s texture and appearance.

As an added bonus, it can also be used to treat chest and body areas and help with keratosis pilaris.

Elevate Esthetics Parlor Chemical Peels

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is used for exfoliation to enhance the appearance of skin.  The chemical solution causes the skin to exfoliate and eventually reveal the new, brighter and smoother regenerated skin.

What types of chemical peels do you offer?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I offer gel-based chemical peels formulated by Circadia. Circadia has perfected the art of chemical exfoliation that effectively addresses your skin concerns. The products are gentle and less irritating to the skin.  

What makes Circadia peels exceptional?

Circadia’s peels come in two forms, a gel base and an ethanol (alcohol) base.

The gel-based peels used at Elevate Esthetics Parlor, like the Alpha Beta and the Lactic Acid peels, are designed to stay on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate the epidermis as deeply as a more invasive chemical peel. The result is fresh, glowing skin with little to no downtime and little to no peeling.

What can I expect from a chemical peel?

You’ll leave your appointment looking refreshed and ready to continue on with your daily routines.

Whether we choose the combination lactic/salicylic acids in the Alpha Beta or just the Lactic Acid peel, your skin will be clear, bright, hydrated and glowing. (Gel-based formulas do need to be neutralized by your Esthetician to ensure the ingredients are no longer active on the skin.)

How should I care for my skin following a chemical peel?

Peels will transform your skin! While you should always wear sun protection, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun following a peel. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher before heading outdoors.

Using the correct home care products can also make a difference during the healing process. Consult with your Esthetician about the best types of products to use on your skin following a peel.

*What is an ethanol-based peel?

While I am not currently offering the ethanol-based peels at Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I may in the future—so stay tuned!

The ethanol in the peel allows the ingredients to penetrate more deeply into the epidermal layers. This boosts cell turnover and fibroblast activity at the dermal layer. Unlike the gel-based peels, the ethanol-based peels, like the Dermafrost 12.5% Salicylic Acid does not need to be neutralized. They are self-neutralizing. This cuts down on treatment time.

With an ethanol-based peel, you may experience a significant amount of peeling. There will be downtime. Your Esthetician will recommend specific products and offer instructions to ensure your skin heals correctly. Depending on the number of layers applied (up to three), the peeling should last between three to eight days.

Who is an ethanol-based peel ideal for?

The Dermafrost 12.5% Salicylic Acid Peel and Mandelic Acid Peel are great for addressing grade one acne. It will help clear acne, break down oil and leave the skin looking bright and fresh.

*Again, please note that Elevate Esthetics Parlor does not offer the ethanol based peels at this time.

Elevate Esthetics Parlor Dermaplaning

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that provides instant gratification without the use of chemicals. It is a simple and safe manual surgical blade technique for exfoliating dead skin, while removing vellus hair—commonly known as peach fuzz.

The procedure involves using a small, modified surgical blade to very gently scrape the surface of the epidermis with light, feathery strokes.

How will Dermaplaning benefit my skin?

Dermaplaning leaves the skin looking smooth and vibrant. You’ll notice:

  • Diminished appearance of dry, fine lines.
  • Faster cell turnover and dewy skin.
  • Smoother skin texture.
  • A healthier, more radiant appearance.

Dermaplaning also allows peels to penetrate more deeply into the skin. It is ideal for preparing the skin for further rejuvenating procedures such as chemical exfoliations.

Why do clients love Dermaplaning?

Besides the radiant results, clients love that Dermaplaning is:

  • Non-invasive and has minimal side effects and downtime.
  • A quick treatment that can be done over the lunch break.
  • Provides immediately, virtually pain-free results.

Who are candidates for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. While most skin types can benefit from the treatment, we do not recommend it for acneic skin.

What areas of the body does Dermaplaning treat?

Dermplaning is only performed on the face, just past the jawline to mid-neck.

Will my peach fuzz grow back thicker?

No, the light, vellus hair that you may have on your face will grow back the same size, shape and color. If you have a few coarse, darker hairs, they will come back the same way.

Hair Removal

What brand do you use for your waxing services?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I proudly use Nufree. However…guess what!!  It's not a wax! It contains zero wax, sugar or honey. It's a gentle soy-based hair removal cream. This is why you'll notice I sometimes refer to waxing as "waxing"! 

Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal and is an award-winning line that consistently ranks #1 among top Estheticians. It is considered the BEST of the best.

It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery.

Here are just a few reasons why Nufree is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

  • Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin.
  • Nufree is a botanical product that is anhydrous, meaning it contains no water...thereby...Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free.
  • Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.
  • Nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased any time!
  • Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.
  • Aside from Nufree being the top choice for my clients, at Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I practice best practices by way of always using disposable sticks/strips, sanitary handling and of course make sure to apply and pull correctly so as to be as safe and effective and as painless as possible! The Nufree warmer never exceeds 98.6 (your body temp), so it's unlikely to be too hot. Complete disinfection practice is a standard we proudly uphold in the highest degree at Elevate Esthetics Parlor.

Learn More about Nufree

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, if you desire a different type of wax, just ask. I can accommodate you easily with a fantastic Hard Wax option. Or hey, on some areas, sometimes just the tweezers is all you need! I am quick and super gentle!


What do I need to know about my hair removal service? 


  • The use of topical AHA’s and retinoids and most prescribed dermatology medicines, and any antibiotics are NOT compatible with waxing. If possible, please discontinue using these types of products 7-10 days before your service. Ask your doctor about waxing if you have a prescription that will affect your skin with waxing. Some over the counter products, (especially for acne & aging) can also be contraindicated if they are too exfoliating or impair your skin’s natural barrier function.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or stimulants before your service. Stimulants tighten the pores making hair removal more difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Hair needs to be at least ¼” long for the wax to grab onto. Please abstain from any type of hair removal for at least two or three weeks before your service.
  • Skin is contraindicated if you use a tanning bed, have sunburned skin, recently received certain exfoliation treatments or anything of similar activity impairing skin’s natural barrier function.

What can I expect during a hair removal service?

Typically a waxing service will last an average of 15-45 minutes. This time varies depending on the area to be waxed and the hair type. I hold the client's skin taut and quickly remove the strip. I work in sections until the serviced area is free of hair.

The Cleanup:

When the area is free from all unwanted hair an oil is applied to remove any residual NuFree product from the skin. Lastly an antimicrobial finishing product called Finipil is applied to the area to soothe the skin, protect the area and help prevent ingrown hairs. Finipil is proven to kill 99.999% of germs protecting clients from any possible infection. It also impedes hair growth and helps to give a longer lasting result.

Home Care Post-Wax:

Finipil is an excellent product to use in between waxes and I retail it for that reason. I recommend that clients use it once or twice daily to help keep follicles clear and skin free from bumps. Immediately following a hair removal service it is important to avoid excessive heat or friction to the area. For the rest of the day avoid working out or any physical activity that involves friction of any kind. Avoid taking warm showers or soaking in a tub. It is also best to keep any body products with fragrance in them away from freshly waxed skin.

Common Post-Wax Side Effects:

  • Redness and Inflammation of the Waxed Area- It is very common for some degree of redness or inflammation to occur right after a hair removal service. This is especially common for first time clients and usually subsides throughout the day.
  • Pain- If you become sensitive after a Brazilian or bikini wax this is normal. Taking a cool shower and applying a cool compress and pure Aloe Vera gel or other recommended treatment products; such as Finipil, to the area will help soothe discomfort. Avoid tight clothing for a day to prevent irritation.
  • Post-Waxing Bumps and Pimples- A pimple or two and maybe even a breakout can happen even if you’re not prone to acne or have oily skin. Your Esthetician can help with recommendations to assist. 
    Ingrown Hairs- An ingrown after waxing happens when the hair grows back into the skin. Most commonly it occurs in areas where the hair is thicker and/or curly. For most people that have recurring ingrown hairs, it means that they are PRONE to them. It is not up to your Esthetician to solve your ingrown hair challenges, however they can be of great assistance and will make product recommendations, changes at home, or may even provide other services to assist. Involving your Dermatologist is always a good idea as well. 
  • Red Dots or Even a Very Small Amount of Blood – Red dots and a small amount of blood is normal. This occurs because the hair is being removed from deep down causing the hair shaft to remain open. It happens more where hair is thick like the underarms, bikini area or men’s body hair. This will go away almost immediately. Remember that everyone is different so the time the redness or dots last can vary from person to person.
  • Anyone who receives a hair removal service anywhere is at risk for these common side effects. You’re especially at risk if you’re new to waxing or don’t receive regular waxes because you have a more dense hair growth in the treatment area. Regular bikini waxing helps to condition your skin as well as the hair follicles, making any side effects much less common. In fact, consistent hair removal damages those follicles and could permanently prevent the hair from growing fun that follicle again, which is a fantastic side effect regarding unwanted hair!
  • "Lifting" - there can be many reasons for this. If you are using a skin care product that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) of any kind, these can cause the skin to "lift" while waxing. To the untrained eye, it will LOOK like a burn or skin-scrape, or basically an area where too much skin came off. Another cause is previous aggressive exfoliation such a microdermabrasion or chemical peels, or just too much physical abrasion or chemical exfoliation of any kind at home or from a professional service. There should be a healing waiting period following an abrasive or chemically exfoliating service before a waxing service. HOWEVER - Prescription medication is the most likely reason behind most "lifts". Meds such as; accutane, retin-a, retinols, renova, strivectin, proactive and avage, and many others - a list too long and always growing, to list... can cause thinning of the skin which results in lifting during waxing. My recommendation is that if you are unsure about what you are using, just ask. Also don't hesitate to consult your doctor. But it is still difficult to predict how every skin type will react no matter how many precautions are taken.
  • Stubble, short or very fine hairs could still be present following your service. This simply means that they were too short, too stubborn or too difficult to be removed. Every effort (usually one or two passes) will be taken to remove them, but they might simply not be able to be removed. This usually happens because the client shaved or trimmed the hair prior to the hair removal service. The Esthetician will be able to identify this because of the hair tip texture, if this is the case. If there is time during your service, your Esthetician may chose to help by using a tweezer to grab the obvious few, but it is up to the client to take note of any of these potentially problematic hairs PRIOR to the service. Sometimes the Esthetician will point them out during the service, but it is up to the client to grow their hair the the length required for effective removal. For body hair, 1/4" length is the minimum. 

Do you do male anatomy brazilians?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, I only do female anatomy hair removal as I am not trained with hair removal or skin treatments to the male genitalia/anatomy.

Spray Tanning

What brand of spray tan solution do you use and why?  

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor I use Norvell. Why? So many reasons….  NORVELL IS RATED #1 FOR EDUCATION, COLOR AND ARTISTRY.
Norvell educates and collaborates with professional tanning artists to develop breakthrough sunless tanning products and artistic application techniques.

Norvell is rated #1 for the solution that will counter that annoying orange undertone. Norvell is rated #1 for delivering a natural looking tan. Norvell is rated #1 for most trusted brand amongst spray tan professionals.

Norvell products are developed to deliver just-off-the-beach-color using innovative technology such as: Natural Color Complex, Vio-7, Blend of Botanicals with naturally derived and organic ingredients. That’s why Professional Tanning Artists rate Norvell #1. For more information about Norvell, vist their Frequently Asked Questions page

Is spray tanning safe? What can I expect?

Fortunately, yes! Most dermatologists consider spray and airbrush tanning as safe as applying makeup.

The active ingredient for sunless tanning, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is derived from raw sugarcane and sugar beets, which reacts with the skin’s amino acids to produce color. This color develops three to four hours after application, deepens over the next 24 hours, and lasts at least 5-7 days, sometimes much longer if proper before and after care is followed. A session usually takes 15-30 minutes and will be performed with a handheld spray unit using an air-brush technique in person with a certified trained spray tan technician. Clients undress to their level of comfort; many wear bathing suits. The solution easily washes out of fabrics you wear to your session and, in general, does not rub off onto clothes.

After your spray tan, you’ll still need to wear sunscreen, as spray tanning doesn't provide protection from the sun.

Will I be naked for the spray tan?

At Elevate Esthetics Parlor, there are a few rules;

  • Persons with male anatomy are required to wear underwear or boxers or briefs during spray tan appointment.
  • Females can be clothing-free. However, you're welcome to wear a swimsuit or undergarments.
  • Both females and males should not wear silk or linen (or valuable) fabrics as these may not wash out the spray tan solution easily. All other fabrics should be fine. Just to be safe however, please do not wear something that is irreplaceable.


What are the BEFORE-CARE rules?

  • You MUST physically exfoliate your body everywhere before your spray tan.
  • Waxing should be done the day before your spray tan.
  • Shaving should be done either the day before or day-of, but before your spray tan.
  • It is not recommended to arrive with any lotion on your body for the spray tan appointment.
  • It is not recommended to have any deodorant on your body when you arrive to your spray tan appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing to appointment (& post appointment)
  • Be prepared to go bra-free after your appointment if possible.
  • Be prepared if rain is in the forecast to come with an umbrella and/or rain poncho.

What are the AFTER-CARE rules?

  • Do not get your spray tan wet for the 16-24 hr processing time period following the spray tan. (rain, snow, tears, sweat, etc... )
  • Avoid sweating, no gym following the spray tan until your first rinsing shower.
  • You MAY wash your hands at the 3 hour mark!
  • If you don't want your face as dark as your body, you can choose to wash your face at some point (6-12 hrs approximately is a good amount of time) during the processing period.
  • After waiting the 16-24 hrs, you may take your gentle luke-warm RINSING shower.
  • The rinsing shower is supposed to be a quick in and out rinsing shower. This is only to stop the tan from developing any further and rinse away the bronzer.
  • DO NOT URINATE DURING THE RINSING SHOWER!! Trust me on this one. Unless you want streaking. Seriously.
  • No scrubbing, loofah, or agitation during the rinsing shower.
  • BLOT dry after shower and apply lotion.
  • In the 1-14 days following the spray tan, to ensure a long lasting tan; take quick gentle showers, blot dry and apply lotion.
  • Norvell states this is a 5-7 day tan, however many can get their tan to last up to 2 weeks with proper before and after care!


How long does a brow or lash TINT last?

This depends on the clients skin type and habits, however the tint usually lasts at least 3 weeks and usually up to 6 weeks! There are a variety of shades available to ensure the perfect shade.

How long does a HENNA brow color last?

Again, this depends on the clients skin type and habits, however the henna usually lasts the life of the brow hair, thereby usually up to 6, 7 or 8 weeks! And if you like the skin stain that happens with application, this skin stain will last 5-14 days, depending on skin type and habits, but the advantage to this skin stain is that it provides some maintenance free days, for example; on a vacation where not having to "fill in" your brows is desired.

What is a lash LIFT? And how long does it last?

A lash lift is a lash perm. However instead of a severe curl... it's more of an upwards "lift", or a realistic curl. The lash lift service usually lasts for the lifecycle of the lash, about 8 weeks. It's a great solution if you can't have or don't want lash extensions. I strongly recommend booking a lash TINT at the same time as the lift, as it's a more dramatic and complete look.

What is a brow LAMINATION? And how long does it last?

A brow lamination is a lifting of the brow hair using perm solutions. The brows will appear more FULL afterwards. The lamination usually last for the lifecycle of the brow hair, about 8 weeks. A more impactful look is achieved if you also book a brow TINT at the same time.  Henna can be done also except needs to be done on a later date.

*What if I am sensitive or allergic to the tint or perm solutions?

I recommend booking a patch test FIRST to safely check for any sensitivities or possible allergic reactions. This needs to be done 24-48 hrs PRIOR to a tint, lift or lamination services. *Note: This patch test does not guarantee that if you don't react that you won't react with the full service application. As always, refer to your doctor if you have concerns.

What is the recommended after care following a lift or lamination?

It is generally recommended to avoid water, moisture and humidity on those hairs for at least 24 hours. Avoid sleeping on the treated hair(face sleepers and side sleepers - beware!) for at least 24-48 hours as this may crimp the hairs or change their direction.